The candies of our century

Sweets that we all love to eat are all kinds of lollipops. We cannot imagine any child who did not have a comfort enjoying this happy meal. Although many doctors do not recommend eating them every day, they are not so harmful. Lollipops and candies are made from a mixture of sugar and water and various flavorings. A large number of people daily make them in their homes. They are very easy to make, so they are the best choice for all kinds of parties, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

   Lollipops have in different sizes shapes, tastes. Modern lollipops are small and placed on the plastic stick. You can buy them in all stores. Side by side with lollipops are candies, they are tiny and can be bought in various forms. The most common are circular in shape and wrapped in cute little pieces of paper.lollipops

Today’s candy and lollipops are not always mixture water, sugar and flavorings. Today we have chocolate candies. The most famous and best-known chocolate candies throughout America are Reese’s. They are made from a mixture of chocolate, cream butter, and hazelnuts and their taste is simply irresistible. When you just once try them, you will love them forever. They are so popular that you can find them in different sizes.

reeses-peanut-butter-400x400They are wrapped in cute little orange bags which is at first glance irresistible. Due to the high demand today they can be found in large packages. Due to the rapid way of life and a large number of diabetics, Reese’s have their little paradise and sweet flavors for diabetics. With this gesture, you can see the pleasure and big smile of a vast number of the sweetest people of the world, of our candies. Because of their magical taste, they are the most wanted candies throughout America. The only setback is that these sweets are not exported to Europe, so people from Europe ordered these delicious cookies over the Internet.

The following candies are irresistible such as Skittles. First Skittles candies were produced in the UK in 1974, and since 1982 manufactured in America. When you try them, you will not be able to resist their strong and sour taste. Skittles the happiness exported to other continents so that they are well-known throughout the world, and anyone can afford them. They are not expensive. They have their Facebook page that has over 25 million followers who enjoy their taste.skittles

One of the smallest and in the same time tastiest candies is M & Ms’. They are really small and with an incredible taste. They are almost the oldest sweets that exist. They were produced in 1941, and today are known worldwide. That means they have 75 years. WOW! They are very small and have some chocolate charging device. We can find them in a variety of colors. Due to high demand, we have M & Ms and even in a larger version with whole hazelnuts.


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