Popsicles of our childhood

     Have you ever eaten a popsicle in your life? Every child did at least once. Popsicles were simply interesting because of their various colors and interesting taste. It is very similar to ice cream but popsicles are made mostly of water and fruit juices. This snack was made by Fran Epperson from Oakland, California in 1923. Popsicles have been popular ever since.

    Popsicles are a great snack especially in summer when you need something cold and refreshing to get yourself in the better mood. The concept of the ice on the stick was something that was made completely spontaneously. These excellent snacks now contain various juices, ice, of course, drinks even beverage.popsicles-671666-1024x640


One of the very interesting facts is that people are gathering sticks from popsicles and then they are making all sorts of interesting things like castles and other interesting objects. One of those castles contained 296,000 popsicles sticks. Some people tried to break the world record and erect a 7.6 m ice pop in the New York City.

ice-creamWhen it comes to the popsicle more famous friend then we are talking about the ice cream. Ice cream is a frozen food which is sweet and it is eaten as a snack or a dessert. There are various recipes when it comes to making ice creams and all of them contain eggs. Ice creams can contain all sorts of interesting things with it such as bananas or additional chocolate filling etc.

    This interesting dessert has its roots in ancient Persia and Rome where people used rose water and they chill it. The ice was mixed with various fruits and juices and they had something similar to the modern ice cream. Traces of modern ice cream can be found in the medieval and renaissance Europe and of course in the America.

    Ice cream is the most popular dessert which is served in cafes and restaurants and it is also very popular with children and the most important after you ate it you will get a stick. This stick you can use to make all sorts of things which can be very interesting for children.ice

    These popsicles and various treats are something that everybody will always like and will always remember as a great part of its childhood. One of other interesting things which kids may found amusing is the process of making the ice cream which, in the modern times, is done by various machines. The most common made ice creams are with flavors of chocolate, vanilla or the fruit ice cream which is some fruit mix.Outset

    You can eat your ice cream from the ice cream cone or you can eat it from a cup. You should be careful when eating ice cream to avoid a toothache. Anyhow, popsicles and ice creams will remain something which can be remembered as a great desert and the moment of eating it can be described only as the joy running through your mouth.


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