Popsicles from the past

   Every year brings new popsicles and other frozen treats and many that were a “hit” in the last year, or several years before falling into oblivion. Even though some of them were really good ice cream popsicles, they are replaced with new products and new tastes.

   This might be a natural process in the industry, but some of us were and still are quite fond of old popsicles, and we want some of them back so we can relive our childhood days.

Old Popsicle Commercial

    As in any other time frame, there were bad, and there good popsicles and those good popsicles are the things that we remember. The taste of the popsicles wasn’t everything, their shape and various homemade treats that we were so glad to eat. The popsicles creations in this article are just some of the best popsicles that every person will gladly remember.

  mickey-195x300 Whenever I see some post on the internet regarding Mickey Mouse and the rest of the crew, I instantly remember Mickey’s Parade ice pops. It might be just my imagination, but these popsicles tasted better than anything else. It could be me, or it is something else, who knows. The early 2000s brought the end of these popsicles, and that was a time when we knew that our kids will never appreciate the good things we had in our life.

    Back in the beautiful days of our youth we bought Candy Center Crunch Bars popsicles for a dollar and fifty and we were the happiest kids in the world because these amazing popsicles had an additional treat in the middle. These popsicles had same things other popsicles had in the form of vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate with nuts.  But the secret of the success of this product was in the middle where there was a chocolate bar. This chocolate bar meant that we got two treats for the same amount of money and during that time it was the only thing that made use truly happy.otter-pops4

    Otter Pops and Fla-Vor-Ice were freezies of our past, and we enjoyed them during hot days. There are still freezies in the market, but somehow those two products were something that can’t be copied and believe me, every person that ate them tries to make them once or twice.

     Screwballs were always something of a secret. The ice cream that they had was more like Italian ice rather than standard popsicles, but still it was a very popular treat. We loved Screwballs because this treat had two gumballs at the bottom, and that was a double treat for a price of one. The Screwballs are still produced which is a proof of their popularity.


Italian Ice was another thing that was popular in our days simply because our parents thought that it was healthier than the alternatives. We were happy because of their convictions as they gave us money to buy this beautiful ice cream from ice cream trucks without an hour or two of intense begging.

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