Ice cream you love and remember

Ice cream and popsicles have no soul in these days. Different flavors come and go, and there isn’t an ice cream that lasts longer that one season. But this happens only today, in the past, it was a lot different. In past, the ice cream had a brand and a blend, and one ice cream product lasted for decades with only small adjustments every few days. So, join me on this nostalgic trip as we go through ice treats that made us happy.

    Magnum was a revelation, and it threw all other ice cream brands in the shadows when it entered the scene in 1989. It was made from ice cream of high quality, and very tasty Belgian chocolate, and that meant that it had no competition at that time.Magnum-ice-cream-30229520-906-452

   But don’t even think about the comparison of Magnum from that time and Magnum people sell today. The original Magnum was only two bucks, and it was a big success due two things, taste, and the marketing campaign. The marketing campaign is still strong, but the price went up to 5 or more dollars. Yes, there are many more flavors of the Magnum, but they are nothing compared to their predecessor.

     5ec9dfc9-c827-4e92-b554-8d700dab6520_x365 In past, you had only two options when it came to ice cream: cone-based ice cream and popsicles. There were other ice cream products, but they weren’t sellers as the products that followed one of these two paths. When it came to cone-based ice cream, there were two options from which you could pick, Cornetto and Drumstick. Both of them were almost same (the ingredients were same), but there were people who preferred one or the other. These ice cream products are still selling, and right now they have a plethora of blends and lately they have flavors that are connected to certain real and virtual individuals.

     Golden Gaytime was a somewhat controversial name for popsicles ice cream, but the company refused to change its name even though some people made fun of it. This popsicles ice cream survived all that due to two things. First of all, it was a very tasty ice cream as it was coated with toffee. Once the repression of gay people ceased to exist the Golden Gaytime began to gain popularity as more people decided to try it, and naturally they liked what they tasted. Golden Gaytime gained nation-wide popularity once the gay people got some rights and many parties raced to embrace the Golden Gaytime as the proof of their support to the gay community.cace6a8c81c95c3e1b3038414fb611d1

     Have you tried Splice? If you never tried Splice, then you should go and try it if it is sold in your neighborhood. This popsicles ice cream is old, it started in the 60s, and it is still selling in some countries. Just remember, the Splice is an ice cream coated with pine-lime flavor, and other flavors are just there to give you a reason to appreciate real Splice. If you want to eat Splice properly, then you should bite it and be sure to have a bit of coating and a bit of vanilla cream in every bite.

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