The famous chocolates in the world

Every person in the world likes to eat sweets. They are present in every part of our lives. There are so many types of chocolate and little chocolates that we cannot continue the count. Many doctors say that candies are very dangerous and unhealthy because of which a large part of the world’s population is obese. But how to resist the charms of these little bites of heaven? It is the truth that they are not as good as we think because they have too much sugar, but if we eat them in little quantity nothing will happen to us.

        All global companies engaged in the production of confectionery different flavors, shapes, colors. Some of the candies which we can make independently in our homes, but why don’t they have such enchanting taste like those which we can shop, or which are factory manufactured? This article will focus on the stories of different sweets all around the world.

tmp730791348529004546Twix is one of the most famous chocolates throughout America. They are exported to other continents so that you can find a large number of satisfied customers. These chocolates are made from the ground with tasty biscuits and delicious caramel crisp and then with an incredible chocolate. The package includes two chocolate bars that are perfect to share with friends. They were first produced in the UK in 1967 and then in America 1979. There are so many these types of chocolates, but one thing is correct you don’t know which one is better.

The following is world-known candy Milky Way – simply leaves you breathless when you try them. Such a blend of chocolate and milk is so much good. They were created in 1923 in America. The name received at the then famous drink milkshakes. And they have many types and are very well known all over the world. After the commencement of production in America today, all of these candy products are now worldwide produced.MilkyWay

M & Ms are also well known worldwide sweets. There are so many different colors and chocolate filling that you want to eat even more. More than 400 million individual M & Ms bonbons are produced every day in America. They were created in 1941 and today produce around the world. M & Ms candies have gained even greater popularity with help from Steven Spielberg’s film ET.img_9360_700x394

Today the companies of sweets and treats are on the rise. Remember that this was before. Before we ate sweets in small quantities, and that the majority were sweets which were house made. The most famous candy to “that time” was the cotton candy. At each carnival, entertainment, fair we were able to eat the wool and to rotate the carousels. We ate those candies before 20-30 years, and they were the cream of its class, and now we do not know what candies will emerge in the next 20-30 years.

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