Why Are EDC Knives Better Than Other Kinds?

Everyday carry – usually abbreviated as EDC – isn’t just a term for hikers and first responders anymore. Today, people in every walk of life are giving more thought to the gear and gadgets they carry on a day-to-day basis. Lots of people include a knife in their EDC and the best knives for this job are (pretty obviously) those built expressly for it. Here’s why.

Minimal Form Factor

No piece of gear designed for everyday use should be any bulkier or heavier than it has to be. Knives that are built with EDC in mind usually take advantage of lightweight materials and clever design features to produce a reliable tool that’s as light and slender as possible. Good old steel is still the preferred material for blades, but many great EDC knives use aluminum, titanium, and tough plastics in other parts of their design to keep weight to a minimum.

Of course, a major part of keeping EDC knives light is limiting their overall blade length. Few knives marketed for EDC use have blades longer than five inches, and the short end of the spectrum is also sparsely populated. The average blade for an EDC-suitable knife is three inches long. While this might be a hindrance in certain survival applications, it’s perfect for everyday carry.

Balancing Durability And Economy

EDC knifeYou won’t have any trouble spending as much or as little as you want to when you buy an EDC knife. There are excellent examples of the type selling for anywhere from $20 to $200, although you’ll probably struggle to justify spending more than $150. Pricier pocket knives do exist, of course, but at that level showing off becomes a more significant function than cutting things!

The great thing about EDC knives is that they tend to follow a very predictable curve regarding durability and reliability. The cheapest of the breed may well let you down at a critical moment. They’re easy to replace, though, so if you want to buy the same cheap knife over and over, there’s nothing stopping you. With few exceptions, investing in a pricier model also gets you a more durable knife. Lifetime warranties are common in the knife market, so it makes sense to get a blade that has one.

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Ease Of Use

The final feature that all good EDC knives have in common is convenience. In the same way that a knife that’s too bulky or heavy to carry comfortably at all times is a bad choice for EDC, one that’s too finicky or difficult to use is also a hindrance. Make sure you review the features and operation of your knife carefully before you decide to make it your day-to-day companion.

When it comes to multifunctional knives, make sure that you’re actually going to use all the additional tools that come with your blade. Every gadget adds weight, and you’ll be tempted to leave behind a bulky pants-dragging knife that you don’t use often enough.

With folding knives, try to get a first-hand feel for how smoothly they operate before you make your final choice. A blade that you have trouble opening or closing is again likely to end up getting left behind.

A knife is a marvelous to tool to have in your pocket. If you’re one of the many sensible folks who sees the value in carrying an EDC knife, why not use the most helpful tool available to you? A purpose-built EDC knife might just be the best long-term investment in your entire EDC load.

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