Why Are EDC Knives Better Than Other Kinds?

Everyday carry – usually abbreviated as EDC – isn’t just a term for hikers and first responders anymore. Today, people in every walk of life are giving more thought to the gear and gadgets they carry on a day-to-day basis. Lots of people include a knife in their EDC and the best knives for this job are (pretty obviously) those built expressly for it. Here’s why.

Minimal Form Factor

No piece of gear designed for everyday use should be any bulkier or heavier than it has to be. Knives that are built with EDC in mind usually take advantage of lightweight materials and clever design features to produce a reliable tool that’s as light and slender as possible. Good old steel is still the preferred material for blades, but many great EDC knives use aluminum, titanium, and tough plastics in other parts of their design to keep weight to a minimum.

Of course, a major part of keeping EDC knives light is limiting their overall blade length. Few knives marketed for EDC use have blades longer than five inches, and the short end of the spectrum is also sparsely populated. The average blade for an EDC-suitable knife is three inches long. While this might be a hindrance in certain survival applications, it’s perfect for everyday carry.

Balancing Durability And Economy

EDC knifeYou won’t have any trouble spending as much or as little as you want to when you buy an EDC knife. There are excellent examples of the type selling for anywhere from $20 to $200, although you’ll probably struggle to justify spending more than $150. Pricier pocket knives do exist, of course, but at that level showing off becomes a more significant function than cutting things!

The great thing about EDC knives is that they tend to follow a very predictable curve regarding durability and reliability. The cheapest of the breed may well let you down at a critical moment. They’re easy to replace, though, so if you want to buy the same cheap knife over and over, there’s nothing stopping you. With few exceptions, investing in a pricier model also gets you a more durable knife. Lifetime warranties are common in the knife market, so it makes sense to get a blade that has one.

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Ease Of Use

The final feature that all good EDC knives have in common is convenience. In the same way that a knife that’s too bulky or heavy to carry comfortably at all times is a bad choice for EDC, one that’s too finicky or difficult to use is also a hindrance. Make sure you review the features and operation of your knife carefully before you decide to make it your day-to-day companion.

When it comes to multifunctional knives, make sure that you’re actually going to use all the additional tools that come with your blade. Every gadget adds weight, and you’ll be tempted to leave behind a bulky pants-dragging knife that you don’t use often enough.

With folding knives, try to get a first-hand feel for how smoothly they operate before you make your final choice. A blade that you have trouble opening or closing is again likely to end up getting left behind.

A knife is a marvelous to tool to have in your pocket. If you’re one of the many sensible folks who sees the value in carrying an EDC knife, why not use the most helpful tool available to you? A purpose-built EDC knife might just be the best long-term investment in your entire EDC load.

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Popsicles from the past

   Every year brings new popsicles and other frozen treats and many that were a “hit” in the last year, or several years before falling into oblivion. Even though some of them were really good ice cream popsicles, they are replaced with new products and new tastes.

   This might be a natural process in the industry, but some of us were and still are quite fond of old popsicles, and we want some of them back so we can relive our childhood days.

Old Popsicle Commercial

    As in any other time frame, there were bad, and there good popsicles and those good popsicles are the things that we remember. The taste of the popsicles wasn’t everything, their shape and various homemade treats that we were so glad to eat. The popsicles creations in this article are just some of the best popsicles that every person will gladly remember.

  mickey-195x300 Whenever I see some post on the internet regarding Mickey Mouse and the rest of the crew, I instantly remember Mickey’s Parade ice pops. It might be just my imagination, but these popsicles tasted better than anything else. It could be me, or it is something else, who knows. The early 2000s brought the end of these popsicles, and that was a time when we knew that our kids will never appreciate the good things we had in our life.

    Back in the beautiful days of our youth we bought Candy Center Crunch Bars popsicles for a dollar and fifty and we were the happiest kids in the world because these amazing popsicles had an additional treat in the middle. These popsicles had same things other popsicles had in the form of vanilla ice cream coated with chocolate with nuts.  But the secret of the success of this product was in the middle where there was a chocolate bar. This chocolate bar meant that we got two treats for the same amount of money and during that time it was the only thing that made use truly happy.otter-pops4

    Otter Pops and Fla-Vor-Ice were freezies of our past, and we enjoyed them during hot days. There are still freezies in the market, but somehow those two products were something that can’t be copied and believe me, every person that ate them tries to make them once or twice.

     Screwballs were always something of a secret. The ice cream that they had was more like Italian ice rather than standard popsicles, but still it was a very popular treat. We loved Screwballs because this treat had two gumballs at the bottom, and that was a double treat for a price of one. The Screwballs are still produced which is a proof of their popularity.


Italian Ice was another thing that was popular in our days simply because our parents thought that it was healthier than the alternatives. We were happy because of their convictions as they gave us money to buy this beautiful ice cream from ice cream trucks without an hour or two of intense begging.

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Ice cream you love and remember

Ice cream and popsicles have no soul in these days. Different flavors come and go, and there isn’t an ice cream that lasts longer that one season. But this happens only today, in the past, it was a lot different. In past, the ice cream had a brand and a blend, and one ice cream product lasted for decades with only small adjustments every few days. So, join me on this nostalgic trip as we go through ice treats that made us happy.

    Magnum was a revelation, and it threw all other ice cream brands in the shadows when it entered the scene in 1989. It was made from ice cream of high quality, and very tasty Belgian chocolate, and that meant that it had no competition at that time.Magnum-ice-cream-30229520-906-452

   But don’t even think about the comparison of Magnum from that time and Magnum people sell today. The original Magnum was only two bucks, and it was a big success due two things, taste, and the marketing campaign. The marketing campaign is still strong, but the price went up to 5 or more dollars. Yes, there are many more flavors of the Magnum, but they are nothing compared to their predecessor.

     5ec9dfc9-c827-4e92-b554-8d700dab6520_x365 In past, you had only two options when it came to ice cream: cone-based ice cream and popsicles. There were other ice cream products, but they weren’t sellers as the products that followed one of these two paths. When it came to cone-based ice cream, there were two options from which you could pick, Cornetto and Drumstick. Both of them were almost same (the ingredients were same), but there were people who preferred one or the other. These ice cream products are still selling, and right now they have a plethora of blends and lately they have flavors that are connected to certain real and virtual individuals.

     Golden Gaytime was a somewhat controversial name for popsicles ice cream, but the company refused to change its name even though some people made fun of it. This popsicles ice cream survived all that due to two things. First of all, it was a very tasty ice cream as it was coated with toffee. Once the repression of gay people ceased to exist the Golden Gaytime began to gain popularity as more people decided to try it, and naturally they liked what they tasted. Golden Gaytime gained nation-wide popularity once the gay people got some rights and many parties raced to embrace the Golden Gaytime as the proof of their support to the gay community.cace6a8c81c95c3e1b3038414fb611d1

     Have you tried Splice? If you never tried Splice, then you should go and try it if it is sold in your neighborhood. This popsicles ice cream is old, it started in the 60s, and it is still selling in some countries. Just remember, the Splice is an ice cream coated with pine-lime flavor, and other flavors are just there to give you a reason to appreciate real Splice. If you want to eat Splice properly, then you should bite it and be sure to have a bit of coating and a bit of vanilla cream in every bite.

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The famous chocolates in the world

Every person in the world likes to eat sweets. They are present in every part of our lives. There are so many types of chocolate and little chocolates that we cannot continue the count. Many doctors say that candies are very dangerous and unhealthy because of which a large part of the world’s population is obese. But how to resist the charms of these little bites of heaven? It is the truth that they are not as good as we think because they have too much sugar, but if we eat them in little quantity nothing will happen to us.

        All global companies engaged in the production of confectionery different flavors, shapes, colors. Some of the candies which we can make independently in our homes, but why don’t they have such enchanting taste like those which we can shop, or which are factory manufactured? This article will focus on the stories of different sweets all around the world.

tmp730791348529004546Twix is one of the most famous chocolates throughout America. They are exported to other continents so that you can find a large number of satisfied customers. These chocolates are made from the ground with tasty biscuits and delicious caramel crisp and then with an incredible chocolate. The package includes two chocolate bars that are perfect to share with friends. They were first produced in the UK in 1967 and then in America 1979. There are so many these types of chocolates, but one thing is correct you don’t know which one is better.

The following is world-known candy Milky Way – simply leaves you breathless when you try them. Such a blend of chocolate and milk is so much good. They were created in 1923 in America. The name received at the then famous drink milkshakes. And they have many types and are very well known all over the world. After the commencement of production in America today, all of these candy products are now worldwide produced.MilkyWay

M & Ms are also well known worldwide sweets. There are so many different colors and chocolate filling that you want to eat even more. More than 400 million individual M & Ms bonbons are produced every day in America. They were created in 1941 and today produce around the world. M & Ms candies have gained even greater popularity with help from Steven Spielberg’s film ET.img_9360_700x394

Today the companies of sweets and treats are on the rise. Remember that this was before. Before we ate sweets in small quantities, and that the majority were sweets which were house made. The most famous candy to “that time” was the cotton candy. At each carnival, entertainment, fair we were able to eat the wool and to rotate the carousels. We ate those candies before 20-30 years, and they were the cream of its class, and now we do not know what candies will emerge in the next 20-30 years.

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The candies of our century

Sweets that we all love to eat are all kinds of lollipops. We cannot imagine any child who did not have a comfort enjoying this happy meal. Although many doctors do not recommend eating them every day, they are not so harmful. Lollipops and candies are made from a mixture of sugar and water and various flavorings. A large number of people daily make them in their homes. They are very easy to make, so they are the best choice for all kinds of parties, birthday parties, and other celebrations.

   Lollipops have in different sizes shapes, tastes. Modern lollipops are small and placed on the plastic stick. You can buy them in all stores. Side by side with lollipops are candies, they are tiny and can be bought in various forms. The most common are circular in shape and wrapped in cute little pieces of paper.lollipops

Today’s candy and lollipops are not always mixture water, sugar and flavorings. Today we have chocolate candies. The most famous and best-known chocolate candies throughout America are Reese’s. They are made from a mixture of chocolate, cream butter, and hazelnuts and their taste is simply irresistible. When you just once try them, you will love them forever. They are so popular that you can find them in different sizes.

reeses-peanut-butter-400x400They are wrapped in cute little orange bags which is at first glance irresistible. Due to the high demand today they can be found in large packages. Due to the rapid way of life and a large number of diabetics, Reese’s have their little paradise and sweet flavors for diabetics. With this gesture, you can see the pleasure and big smile of a vast number of the sweetest people of the world, of our candies. Because of their magical taste, they are the most wanted candies throughout America. The only setback is that these sweets are not exported to Europe, so people from Europe ordered these delicious cookies over the Internet.

The following candies are irresistible such as Skittles. First Skittles candies were produced in the UK in 1974, and since 1982 manufactured in America. When you try them, you will not be able to resist their strong and sour taste. Skittles the happiness exported to other continents so that they are well-known throughout the world, and anyone can afford them. They are not expensive. They have their Facebook page that has over 25 million followers who enjoy their taste.skittles

One of the smallest and in the same time tastiest candies is M & Ms’. They are really small and with an incredible taste. They are almost the oldest sweets that exist. They were produced in 1941, and today are known worldwide. That means they have 75 years. WOW! They are very small and have some chocolate charging device. We can find them in a variety of colors. Due to high demand, we have M & Ms and even in a larger version with whole hazelnuts.


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Popsicles of our childhood

     Have you ever eaten a popsicle in your life? Every child did at least once. Popsicles were simply interesting because of their various colors and interesting taste. It is very similar to ice cream but popsicles are made mostly of water and fruit juices. This snack was made by Fran Epperson from Oakland, California in 1923. Popsicles have been popular ever since.

    Popsicles are a great snack especially in summer when you need something cold and refreshing to get yourself in the better mood. The concept of the ice on the stick was something that was made completely spontaneously. These excellent snacks now contain various juices, ice, of course, drinks even beverage.popsicles-671666-1024x640


One of the very interesting facts is that people are gathering sticks from popsicles and then they are making all sorts of interesting things like castles and other interesting objects. One of those castles contained 296,000 popsicles sticks. Some people tried to break the world record and erect a 7.6 m ice pop in the New York City.

ice-creamWhen it comes to the popsicle more famous friend then we are talking about the ice cream. Ice cream is a frozen food which is sweet and it is eaten as a snack or a dessert. There are various recipes when it comes to making ice creams and all of them contain eggs. Ice creams can contain all sorts of interesting things with it such as bananas or additional chocolate filling etc.

    This interesting dessert has its roots in ancient Persia and Rome where people used rose water and they chill it. The ice was mixed with various fruits and juices and they had something similar to the modern ice cream. Traces of modern ice cream can be found in the medieval and renaissance Europe and of course in the America.

    Ice cream is the most popular dessert which is served in cafes and restaurants and it is also very popular with children and the most important after you ate it you will get a stick. This stick you can use to make all sorts of things which can be very interesting for children.ice

    These popsicles and various treats are something that everybody will always like and will always remember as a great part of its childhood. One of other interesting things which kids may found amusing is the process of making the ice cream which, in the modern times, is done by various machines. The most common made ice creams are with flavors of chocolate, vanilla or the fruit ice cream which is some fruit mix.Outset

    You can eat your ice cream from the ice cream cone or you can eat it from a cup. You should be careful when eating ice cream to avoid a toothache. Anyhow, popsicles and ice creams will remain something which can be remembered as a great desert and the moment of eating it can be described only as the joy running through your mouth.


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